Cruise countdown: 15 more days!

We're on the countdown! I can't believe it. I've been doing a LOT of prep work in the past couple weeks. Here's where I'm at...

Flights are booked. We'll be traveling West Jet, and it's my first time traveling this airline. Our flights will put us in Ft. Lauderdale the night before the cruise, although our flights are late at night, they're free - so not really complaining much there. :)

Our hotel in Ft. Lauderdale was pre-arranged for us at a discounted rate (yay). It'll be a Starwood Westin hotel. I've stayed in Westin hotels before and they are just amazing! I'm sure this one won't disappoint either.

We'll be taking the train to get to the airport. It's a 3-hour car ride, and our return flight hits a different connection city. So we'll be coming home via train as well. Opting to not take the connection on our return flight back to Toronto. We'll save about 5 hours doing it this way.

We registered today for the cruise - the MOST exciting part!!! We have a balcony suite, which I'm totally psyched about, and mom is too. This is my first ever cruise, so I'm excited to have a balcony.

We also received our cruise itinerary, which includes a couple private cocktail parties with our group, and all our dining reservations and shore excursion lunches. For ports of call, we'll be visiting Half Moon Cay, Grand Turks, Costa Maya, and Grand Cayman. Right now we're looking at visiting the Mayan Ruins in Mexico which I'd really like to see. We'll likely know more after this weekend.

...I *still* need to pick up US money. I've been lazy doing that, but every day I plan to go to the exchange office it's been raining and so I've been putting it off. I'll need to do that next week though. I've also been stocking up on sunscreen and all the travel items I'll need to take with me. I cannot believe how close our trip is - eek!!! 15 more days!!!

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