Clothes shopping for the cruise

34 more days! Almost just a month. So I figured I'd better start thinking about packing - ugh. Considering it's -10˚C weather here right now, it's hard to think about summer. I need to dig through my last year clothes, but thought I'd pick up a couple new pieces to take with me, because new clothes are always exciting. And it'll be something I can use with my next Florida trip in May as well.

So here's what I got...

I love American Eagle. It's probably my favourite clothing store (and it's from Pittsburgh!) - it's the place I shop the most. The peasant dress was crazy hard to get, because it's been sold out for weeks! I got lucky one morning when they'd restocked online and quickly picked it up with the macrame belt (which looks awesome together). And I love the grey eyelet skirt; it'll be great for throwing on to go to the beach. THE BEACH!

Now I need to go rummage through my old summer clothes...I much prefer shopping online. :P

Oh, and did I mention I don't have to pay airfare either now?!! I found out on Friday our airfare is covered, I can't believe it! Now I really can't wait to go!

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