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I'm not really sure if I need new clothes. Or need summer clothes in general, but because I'm a girl it's a default answer to say I do. And think I do. Which is why I picked up some more summer items today (eek)!

I could probably have gotten away with what I have already (and wore on our cruise) but we are going to Orlando next month, and that's a nice, sunny state as well. So some nice new summer clothes just seem like a nice reason to take advantage of the *great* sale on American Eagle's website today! 20% off everything this weekend, and free shipping! Free shipping to Canada is huge! So here's what I gave in to...

I loooove the dress. My concern was that it's the same colour as the skirt I purchased earlier this year (see a few posts below...). But in the end I decided I loved the grey the most, and should buy the colour I like best. The orange tunic was a "I-need-something-I-can-also-wear-to-work" purchase, but also because it matches the cute sand-coloured shorts I got. And also because I just love that colour!

So yeah. There's my total girl-rationalization for buying these clothes. But also because it was a great deal - of course! :)

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